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Why PTT Pro?

From the user's perspective

Advanced technology: instant group communication

Single device for PTT, walky-talky style

Easy and practical in usage

Low data usage = 8 kbps in Talking/Listening mode, average data use is 68 MB/month

No voice line is needed


From the operator's point of view

  • Advanced service
  • Improved competitiveness
  • Revenue increase


Key benefits for companies

  • Real-time communication at the press of a button
  • Secure voice communication for more than 100 users per group
  • Reduced voice and messaging costs
  • Improved productivity by reducing waiting time
  • Increased control by constant contact with employees
  • User status and GPS positioning (optionel)
  • Can be integrated with private systems (walkie-talkie) among government agencies, emergency and public services, FM radio communication providers
  • Group management via Internet portal and voice recording
  • 16 group cal channels and 16 individual call